Njugush Reminisces A Time His Photo Appeared On Chemistry Book Cover

Comedian Njugush has left Kenyans puzzled after revealing how his image ended up in a Chemistry book cover years ago.
Speaking in a podcast with Mwafreeka, the funny man stated that the photo was captured during his final Chemistry exam in Secondary School. The father of two revealed that one of his close friends took the photo and it was later published on the Chemistry book cover. However, he noted that the book was later overlaid.
“This picture is mine but that book I think they just overlaid it. That picture was taken when I was in the last chemistry paper,” Njugush said.

Njugush further confirmed that Chemistry blocked him out of his dream career since it was the most challenging subject. He admitted that the most difficult part came in when the subject mixed Mathematics in between as Maths was a big deal to him. This led to his failure in the final KCSE exams as he never attained the required grades.The comedian had a dream to become a pilot and that’s why he made a lot of efforts to pass all the sciences.

Njugush later shared the photo of the book cover on his Facebook page as he hilariously indicated that he gave up on Chemistry subject at the time it turned out to be Mathematics.

“Kuna mahali ilifika Chemistry ikawacha kuwa science ikaanza kuwa Hesabu, hapo ndio niliambia C.Muturi anitoe kwa cover.
Ati O.00087636 Grams of copper sulphate gives 4 kilowatts of sodium Bicarbohydrate,” the caption partly read.

Despite missing his dream career, the comedian is living his best life in the content creation world. Alongside his wife, Celestine Ndinda alias Wakavinye, the father of two launched a show dubbed Through Thick And Thin (TTNT) where the two showcase their comedic talents.


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