Man Arrested After Posting a Video of Himself Sexually Assaulting Teenager

A Ugandan Man, who posted a video clip of himself sexually assaulting a teenager on his TikTok account, has finally been arrested by the Ugandan authority.

Speaking to the press over the matter, the Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said, the man identified as Joseph Ngoma allegedly lured the teenager into committing the act in an establishment in the Mubende District.

Further statements by officer Enanga, revealed that the anonymous teen girl left home while boarding Ngoma’s motorbike on 4, May 2023.

They later branched off to Ngoma’s home, on a mission to pick certain personal items, Mr Ngoma being the mastermind of the idea.

From his place, Ngoma took further steps to ride the teen girl far away into some guest room where he directed the teenager to take his personal items he had picked from his home.

The suspect instead got a room and lured the victim to help him carry some of his properties for him.” Said Enanga.

Later, he forcefully dragged the girl into the room where he went ahead and defiled her, capturing a video of themselves claiming that she is his wife.

He later asked him to return back home.

The victim was forcefully dragged into the lodge, where the suspect recorded her inside, calling her his wife. He went on and defiled the victim and told her to go back home,” the police spokesperson added.

Upon seeing the video over the internet, the victim’s mother reported the incident to the nearest police station initiating the authority to take action.

According to Enanga, suspicion that the lodge attendant had facilitated the defilement of the teen has led to his detainment as well


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