Kennedy Rapudo Throws A Lavish Home-welcoming Party For Amber Ray And Newborn

The extravagance within Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray’s union has continued to display even after welcoming their newborn. Businessman Rapudo has appreciated his socialite fiancée by throwing her a lavish party to welcome their newborn baby girl, Africanah at home.

Sharing a sneak peak of the ordeal on social media, the flamboyant socialite Amber Ray gushed over the enviable display. Her sarcastic caption highspotted the importance of money in a relationship.

“Weh! Karibu huyu mjaluo anifanye niseme mapenzi ni kila vitu but nikakumbuka bila pesa haingekua hivi 😅”. She wrote.

The video showed quite beautiful and expensive furniture for the baby nursery, colorful decorations and a cake congratulating Amber on the birth of her baby. Rapudo and Amber Ray’s son, Gravin could be seen in the video all happy for the moment, enjoying the well matching background music.

The duo welcomed their baby girl on 15th May, atleast according to photos shared on social media by the delighted couple.


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