Jaguar:Unachokipigania Hukijui Kitakuramba Akothee

The unending beef between flamboyant singer Akothee and former Starehe Member of Parliament, Jaguar, continues to heat up as he makes a comeback to Akothee’s controversial sentiment about him.

The artist turned politician shared a statement on his Facebook page noting that whatever Madam Boss is joking around with will cost her a big deal. As previously alleged by Akothee, the politician might have being chasing clout using her name as he also indicated that he has released a new hit, “Unthinkable”, in which he has featured WCB Wasafi artist, Lava Lava.

“Unachokipigania hukijui kitakuramba ‘a**thee. #new song Unthinkable ft lava lava out now,” Jaguar wrote.

Days ago, the CAS made a controversial remarks on Akothee and Tanzanian Bongo star, Harmonize, as he stated that he is far much richer than the duo. His statement made the two artists to go wild to an extent of slamming him.

In Akothee’s statement, any man who compares his success to that of a woman has identity crisis and should grow womb first in order to comprehend the struggles women go through. According to the mother of five, the politician was only seeking relevance for he has being out of the public eye for long. She gave a strict warning to Jaguar as she demanded the artist to keep off his nose out of her business.


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