Colonel Mustapha Claims That His Financial Situation Caused Him To Avoid Relationships

Veteran musician Colonel Mustafa revealed his dating status and claimed that the exorbitant expense of living is the reason he hasn’t been in a relationship for many years. The former Deux Vultures member explained that being broke forced him to concentrate on survival because he lacked the money to go on dates in an interview with Mungai Eve.

“Nimekaa Sana. Mimi nimekaa. Nimekaa bila. Kuna time watu walikuwa wakisema wanakaanga long distance ama miezi tatu, sita. Mimi nimekaa kwa sababu hakuna kitu ninaweza fanya. Life imekuwa expensive, siwezi peleka mrembo. Nimekaa mpaka nikazoea, nikasema it’s okay,” he said.

Did Mustafa learn his lesson about managing his finances better? Only time will tell. Stay tuned.


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