Am Allergic To Cheap Rings- Why Milly WaJesus Does Not Wear Her Wedding Ring

Kenyan YouTube content creator Milly WaJesus of the Wajesus family undoubtedly has no taste for cheap things.

This is after she revealed why she does not wear her wedding ring despite being married to Kabi WaJesus for almost six years.The couple got married back in 2017 and welcomed their first born child Taji WaJesus in 2019. They now have a daughter too.

Sharing on social media, Milly said her wedding ring is not expensive enough and she will wear one the day Kabi will buy her a ring worth Ksh 300,000.

” For those who keep asking mbona Sina ring. I will start wearing one Ile siku Kabi WaJesus will get me a ring costing from $2300 & nothing less. I think am allergic to cheap rings.


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