Baby Sagini Testifies On Who Gouged His Eyes.

The gusii boy whose eyes were gouged last year December testified before Kisii court on Friday where he indicated that his grandmother is the one behind the merciless act.

Brighton Sagini who is currently under state protection alongside his sister, Shantel Kemunto, told Senior Resident Magistrate, Christine Ogweno, that his grandmother, Rael Nyakerario, hit him on the head that fateful day before gouging out his eyes using her hands.

In order to ensure their security, the siblings have been testifying virtually.

Nyakerario later dumped the young boy in the maize plantation in Ikuruma village Marani subcounty where he was later found after he went missing for a few hours.

Kemunto had earlier told the court that they were going to fetch water but Sagini never turned up because he had lost his water can.

The family searched the young boy for hours to no avail where he was later retrieved from the maize plantation.

He was rushed to Kisii Eye Hospital where it was reported that he lost his eye sight permanently.

Sagini and his sister have been under the care of Josephine Karimi who told the court that she had witnessed some weird behaviours from the two which showed that they were living in a toxic environment.

Karimi added that Sagini had also learnt some Swahili and he could express himself unlike before where he could only speak gusii language.

The two siblings would also overfeed which also showed that their family used to starve them.

Nyakerario and two other accused persons are charged with harming a minor where they denied the charges before the court.

There are three more witnesses who are set to testify in this case in the next hearing.


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