Man Falls Off ‘Kit Mikayi’ Rock During Prayers, Dies on The Spot

A man reportedly at his 20s of age, dies on the spot during prayers, after falling off from the famous shrine of ‘Kit Mikayi’ on Sunday, February 19 2023.

As it has been the norm of most worshippers from the region and across the borders of Kisumu county, the deceased in company of other worshipers; went to the shrine to intercede with God.

Unfortunately, there bumped unexpected twists of events which finally led to sorrowful moments.

Speaking to the media, the authority through the voice of Absalom Oyoo heading Othany sub-location, confirmed that there’s no proper identification of the deceased.

There is no identification to ascertain who exactly is the deceased and investigations are on,” said Oyoo.

However, him and his team noted that they have now laid down procedures to discover how and what led to the falling of the man from the rock’s top.

Hinting on safety measures that the government needs to address as far as ‘Kit Mikayi’ landmark and a tourist site is concerned, Mr Oyoo urged the government to enforce security by fencing around the place.

He also added that tight security that helps in knowing who enters and who exits the place can help minimize related risks as signed visitors book can help to deal with situations and activities going on within the shrine.

It would have been easy to trace the people who were with the deceased if they had signed visitors’ book,” he added.

Meanwhile, the body of the deceased has been transferred to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital mortuary.

Following ongoing investigations at the place, any other prayers taking place at the said shrine is suspended until further notice.


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