Moya David Responds After Being Blasted For Wanting To Patent Dance Moves,Says He Was Misunderstood

Kenyan dancer Moya David has finally responded after receiving harsh criticism online for revealing he was going to patent his dance moves.

The tiktok famous dancer said he was just misunderstood when he was speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, adding that the statement was all about him protecting his brand and ensuring he copyrights the dance moves just incase people would need it for business purposes in future.

Moya added that even the songs he uses are copyrighted and sometimes musicians pay him to promote the songs.

“There is a time when someone wanted to buy the dance. For someone to sell, you have to copyright it so that it is legally yours. Even the songs I use are copyrighted, the loyalties go to the owners. If you don’t protect your work, anyone can just take it.” Moya told Mungai Eve.

Moya David further explained that he only has the certificates for his choreography but that do not stop those using the dance moves just for fan.

“As long as you are using the dance to enjoy yourself I have no problem. Legal actions will only apply to people using my content for business without my permission.”He said.

Moya David revealed that he has so far surprised more than 2500 individuals as he poured his gratitude to supporters and fans adding that he was humbled that his art has impacted the society as people are now emulating the message he was trying to push through, that is, gifting loved ones.


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