Mozambique Pastor Dies While Emulating Jesus’ 40-Day Fast

39-year-old Mozambique pastor reportedly dies 25-days later, while trying to emulate Jesus Christ’s 40-day fast.

The man of God identified as Francisco Barajah, popularly known as the founder of Santa Trindade Evangelical Church opted to have his prayer and fasting for 40 good days without taking any food or even a droplet of water.

After going 25-days straight without putting anything into his paunch, the man who is also a French teacher in the town of Messica, was rushed into the nearest health facility having shown signs of extreme fatigue due to dehydration.

The hospital diagnosed him with acute anaemia and organ failure, having doubtlessly lost weight, water and blood.

Based on the reports by international media house BBC, attempts made to rescue the pastor’s condition by liquidating serum in his bloodline proved futile.

He then passed away hours later.

While addressing the media, his church members clarified his habit of fasting.

However, they clarified that he has never gone for that longer period despite habitually fasting oftentimes.


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