Pritty Vishy’s Reaction after Stivo Officially Introduces Wife

Rapper Stivo Simple Boy finally broke out from structures of bachelor, introducing his newly found wife Grace Atieno to the public.

The ‘mihadarati’ hitmaker famously known by his unique phrases in the art industry, took the podium into excitement as he gathered courage to disclose the choice of his heart to is family.

During the burial of his father who passed away in the previous month, Stivo proudly made beautiful Grace Atieno feel on top of the world as he declare that he is officially off the market.

Photo/courtesy: Pritty Vishy(Left), Simple Boy(middle) & Grace Atieno (Right)

“Bwana asifiwe, kwa majina ni Stephen Otieno. Mimi ni kitinda mimba was Antony Adera na nimetembea na mke wangu,” Simple Boy said.

However, this hit painfully on Simple Boy’s ex-fiance Pritty Vishy who reacted to the statement few hours later.

Vishy on her side, said Stivo hyped Grace Atieno with a title she doesn’t deserve.

According to the young content creator Vishy, Grace is nowhere being Simple Boy’s wife but a just a girlfriend.

She genuinely believes that Stivo tricked everyone playing a deceitful game.

She said.

“Pressure iko Huku nje, ndio maana watu wana-introduce girlfriend wanasema bibi. Na Mimi wa kunidanganyilia Sina.”

Since breaking up with Stivo, Vishy has been sounding haunted by the singer and she has proven that life without talking Simple Boy’s name is hell to her.

What’s her next word?


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