Kenyan Rapper Stevo Simple Boy Is Off The Market

Rapper Stevo Simple Boy is finally off the market after introducing his wife during his late father’s send off during the weekend in Siaya county.

Stevo Simple Boy shared the news with the grievers while paying his tribute when he introduced his wife identified as Grace Atieno, saying that him and Grace are officially the last-borns of his late father.

The seemingly humble and shy lady who was then invited by Stevo to introduce herself went on to disclose her relationship with the late, saying that she knew Stevo’s dad and would have wished they met before his death.

The rapper’s late father Anthony Adera died in January after which the death was made public on january 22nd.

Stevo has introduced wife after breaking up with his online sensation ex girlfriend Pritty vishy with whom they have occasionally threw shades at each other.


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