Harmonize And Rayvanny End Beef

Tanzanian bongo starts Rayvanny and Harmonize are likely to have made up after a long-term spite.

This is after it was determined that the two now follow each other on social media barely weeks after an online altercation that saw each one of them trying to undervalue the other in the best way possible.

Harmonize reportedly initiated the move and followed Rayvanny on Instagram,an act that Rayvanny seemingly regarded as a friendly one and therefore following back.

The beef between the two escalated recently with a back and forth that waa started by Harmonize who blasted artistes for releasing songs that condone alcohol consumption.

“Artistes should stop releasing alcohol-praising songs. Y’all should not think that everyone is a drunkard in this country. Even us who drink on Mondays don’t listen to the alcohol bases songs.” Harmonize wrote.

Rayvanny fired back by hinting at how Harmonize do not have any such song that hat hit the waves and therefore he is better off quite about the issue.

Konde Boy then wondered why Rayvanny disliked him.

The altarcation went on as Harmonize invited Rayvanny to his house so as to show him how to make money to pay Diamond’s record label,WCB. Harmonize had paid the label Tsh. 600 million to terminate his contract.

Rayvanny replied by revealing that he paid way much than Harmonize,saying that he paid TSH 1.3 billion.


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