Ongwae Warns Raila Over Kisii Azimio Protests

James Ongwae, a retired governor of Kisii, has issued a warning over plans by some politicians to hold protests in an effort to postpone President William Ruto’s visit to the area.

Instead, the former governor urged Kisii leaders to avoid politicians who, in his opinion, are determined to portray the community as being in rebellion against President Ruto. Ongwae lamented the fact that the same regional leaders organizing protests and rallies in Kisii had also planned for pleasant welcomes for the president in their regions, taking advantage of his “generosity” in the process.

“I beg our leaders not to accept any shenanigans that are aimed to brand our region as rebellious and exclude it from the President Ruto’s greatly anticipated development programs,” Ongwae stated.

Ongwae pressed the unidentified rally organizers in Kisii to permit the community to share in the benefits of national government development initiatives just as their regions had.

In certain cases, some of us were present and saw the president’s kindness, Ongwae added. “Previously and in the last few months, president Ruto has visited several regions and begun multiple development initiatives, most recently being a visit to Luo Nyanza.

“In the same spirit, we welcome the president to our Gusii region and condemn any attempts to sow discord and inflame people’s emotions in an effort to think they can prevent the visit from happening.”

The former governor attacked the vigorous anti-Ruto campaign led by Raila Odinga’s Azimio coalition without naming any specific individuals. As Raila steps up his opposition to President Ruto this week, the coalition is preparing a significant gathering in Kisii.


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