Meet Priscilla Waimani: The Talented Lady Who Earns Big Through Whistling

If you’re wondering what talent does, it’s not until you meet Priscilla Waimani, a lady who has been lately trending on social media because of her whistling talent.

While speaking in an exclusive interview with media personality Nicholas Kioko, Mrs Priscilla who is also an artist, mentioned how the talent of whistling has been an enormous plus in her life.

She revealed that whistling is her bright petal that helps her to attract customers in her business.

From her unique whistling talent, she proudly said customers easily identify with her commodities which increases sales on her end.

Additionally, the Nakuru-based mother of 3 explained that her husband and the entire family at large have been absolutely supportive of her hence keeping energizing her efforts.

Whistling being her biggest means to pump in money to her pockets, Priscilla also revealed that her children have now urged her to open up a TikTok account where she can endlessly generate original contents and share with her audience.

Apart from this outstanding talent, she is also a recognized artist and in almost all her songs, she has been recording her whistle sounds which she believes to be her selling point to her melodious songs.

Her story is an inspiration to the current generation, most especially to those that feel ashamed of bringing onto broad daylight those unique inborn or acquired talents that they have.


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