Wema Sepetu Wants A Child To Seal Things With New Lover

Yet again the popular bongo movie actress Wema Sepetu has made headlines with her desperation for a baby of her own.

This time round the 34 year old felt like she needed a child to cement her relationship with her new boyfriend Whozu.

The former miss Tanzania confessed her wish while showering Whozu with love through her socials, with a heartfelt message.

“I love him so much and he loves me too, however, there is one thing (child) that I need to accomplish for him to cement our love. If it never happens then that would be wonderful but still love him to death.” Wema confessed.

This comes a month after she hinted at plans to bag the title ‘mom’ even if it has to be through adoption.

While talking to her friend Martin Kadinda in an episode of her cooking show “Cooking with Wema Sepetu,  Wema insisted that even if it meant adopting she would be a mom.

The two lovebirds have for a while now kept the social media arena rooted in their business since going public about their relationship.For the last four months since starting their affair, the two celebrities have kept their millions of fans on social media well-updated on their escapades.

Wema Sepetu and young Lover Whozu

In as much Wema’s relationship has received blasts by online fans over their age disparity(Wema is 34 while Whozu is in his early 20s.),the two has unapologetically kept the fire burning as they seem unbothered by the critics.

Wema has been struggling to have a child after a series of miscarriages for the past years, a misfortune she alleged to have resulted from a curse by her ex-lover Stephen Kanumba. Wema said that the late actor cursed her after aborting two of his babies.


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