Machogu Releases JSS Implementation Recommendations

Three days after admission, Junior Secondary Education (JSE) guidelines were released by Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education.

According to a statement by Machogu, the guidelines will offer the knowledge required for the successful implementation of JSS throughout the nation.

“This guideline will serve as a reference document for field officers and school managers in the successful implementation of JSS as a distinct level of education in Kenya,” he said.

The recommendation also outlines how school administrators and officials will facilitate a smooth transition from Primary School (Grade 6) to JSS

“It also emphasizes the need for adequate, appropriate, and safe physical infrastructure, as well as a learner-friendly environment for all, including those with disabilities,” according to the statement.

According to the CS, following the JSS, a learner is expected to communicate effectively, both verbally and nonverbally, in a variety of contexts, as well as demonstrate social skills, spiritual and moral values for peaceful coexistence.

“We anticipate that they will effectively explore, manipulate, manage, and conserve the environment for learning and sustainable development, as well as practice relevant hygiene, sanitation, and nutrition skills to promote health,” he said.

“As a civic responsibility, demonstrate ethical behavior and good citizenship, and apply digital literacy skills for communication and learning.”

Following its implementation in 2017, this is the first cohort of JSS to be integrated into the Competency-Based Curriculum.


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