Kevin Mboya In A New Relationship Days After Heartbreak

Internet sensation Kevin Mboya has reportedly bounced back from a full blown heartbreak he got few days ago from his unidentified girlfriend from Kwale.

Kevin Mboya has shared a video of him having a good time with a beautiful girl. They were walking while holding hands as Kevin held a bouquet of fresh flowers and the girl carried a backpack.

From the video, online users judged that the two had just hanged out together and were most probably heading back home.

The lady shared the video on her Instagram page and captioned it with Mboya’s name and a heart emoji.

” Kevin Mboya ☺️🤍.”

Kevin Mboya and the alleged girlfriend

Kevin Mboya went viral after tweeting about his surprise visit to Kwale for his girlfriend’s birthday, few days ago.

When KOT(Kenyans On Twitter) realized that Forty-eight hours later, there was no update on Kevin’s page, they heightened the matter’s importance as some speculated that Kevin could have been met by a proper character development.

Two days later, Mboya returned home with his bouquet of flowers, pain and a broken heart. Through his YouTube channel, he gave a hint of how his romantic gesture only ended up in premium tears.

He added that he would give love another chance but it would be with a person who understands what he went through.


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