President Ruto Calls For Collective Efforts To Resolve Russia-Ukraine War

President William Ruto has joined world leaders in condemning Russia for invading Ukraine. The President described Russia’s aggression against Ukraine as unlawful, unjust, and contrary to international law.

He emphasized the need for parties to the conflict to demonstrate good faith, abandon rigid positions, and soften their stance for lasting peace to be achieved. President Ruto stated that the global community must embark on a collective effort to resolve the war.

He made these remarks on Saturday in Bürgenstock, Switzerland, during his participation in the inaugural Summit on Peace in Ukraine with other world leaders.

President Ruto expressed regret over the devastating impact of the war worldwide, including in Africa. He further noted that Kenya had not been spared, with the conflict in Ukraine leading to increased fertilizer prices.

While the world focuses on the Russia-Ukraine conflict, President Ruto urged global attention to the forgotten wars in Africa that are tearing apart its social fabric.

“Africa’s many long-running and long-forgotten wars continue unabated, causing unimaginable devastation daily,” he told the Summit.

He argued that nearly 16 different conflicts are currently raging across the continent, from the Western Sahel to the Horn of Africa in the East, and from the Lake Chad basin to the Great Lakes region.

“In Sudan, a senseless war continues to cause death, destruction, and hopelessness among its people.”

President Ruto highlighted that these conflicts have resulted in acute food insecurity in affected countries and led to the displacement and deaths of millions.

“This situation underscores a dysfunctional global peace architecture and a failure of leadership,” he conveyed to world leaders.


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