Ruto’s US Visit: Kenya Bags Sh 671B To Boost Economic Growth

President William Ruto’s state visit to the US has resulted in significant investments and partnerships aimed at bolstering Kenya’s socio-economic growth.

Among the key agreements include a $671.1 million deal for infrastructure development, healthcare improvements, and educational and industrial partnerships.

According to the reports, the US has committed to investing in key sectors such as healthcare, infrastructure, and security, including the provision of 16 helicopters for regional peace and security operations. Ruto also secured KSh 5.28 billion from the US for democracy, human rights, and governance programming.

The visit also focused on enhancing trade relations, promoting entrepreneurship, and fostering innovation, with a particular emphasis on Kenya’s role as a technological hub in Africa. Additionally, the US has pledged support for Kenya’s border security and anti-corruption initiatives, and has allocated funds for the modernization of the National Police Service.

These developments underscore a deepening of the Kenya-US relationship, with a focus on mutual growth and development.


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