Four Family Members Perish in A Tragic Accident along Bomet- Olenguruone road

Four family members including a child have perished in a tragic accident along Bomet- Olenguruone road.

According to the police, the vehicle carrying the family members was hit by a lorry and plunged into the Nyangores River. Three people—two female passengers and a man—were confirmed dead, and a child is still missing. The lorry driver reportedly fled the scene, and police are looking for him to record a statement as part of the investigation into the tragedy.

This accident is part of a larger concern over road safety in Kenya, as recent statistics indicate that more than 1,300 people have died in separate accidents in the past four months alone.

The incident follows another tragic accident in Bomet on March 18, 2024, where a matatu collided with a tractor, resulting in the death of five people and injury to 18 others.


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