Nyeri Governor Orders Halting of Salaries for Striking Doctors

Nyeri County Governor Mutahi Kahiga has taken a firm stance against the ongoing nationwide strike by doctors, instructing the County Public Service Board (PSC) and Treasury to halt the salaries of 59 doctors involved in the industrial action.

In a press conference held at his office today, Governor Kahiga emphasized that the county would not disburse salaries to doctors who have participated in the strike, citing their non-compliance with the county’s employment policies. Kahiga clarified that since the doctors are employees of the county and not the National government, their actions were in violation of the established protocols.

“Today I have instructed PSC and county treasury to stop forthwith salary for 59 doctors. We have written them to show cause why disciplinary measures should not be taken against them but they have not replied,” stated Kahiga during the press briefing.

According to Governor Kahiga, Nyeri County currently employs 169 doctors in public service, out of which 62 are participating in the strike. Among those, only three responded to the show cause letters issued to them, resulting in the cessation of their salaries.

Kahiga affirmed that in the event of dismissal, the county would initiate the recruitment of new doctors to fill the vacated positions.

Accompanied by senior officials from his administration, Governor Kahiga criticized the doctors for resorting to industrial action instead of engaging in negotiations with the county governments, which are their direct employers.

“This strike, according to us in the council of governors, is out of order. To start with, doctors are employed by counties, so there is no way their union can negotiate with the national government. Instead, they should engage the 47 counties,” asserted Kahiga.

The governor made it clear that he would only negotiate with the local chapter of the Kenya Union of Medical Practitioners and Dentist Union (KMPDU), which he believes has the mandate to represent the doctors at the county level.

The doctors’ strike, which has entered its 25th day today, has significantly impacted healthcare services across Kenya, with many citizens facing difficulties accessing medical assistance and relying on services provided by private hospitals.

The situation remains tense as both sides hold their ground, with the county government taking decisive measures to address the ongoing strike and ensure the provision of essential healthcare services to the residents of Nyeri County.


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