“This One Hit Me Hard”, Terence Creative Wails Uncontrollably For Brian Chira

Comedian and well-known digital content creator Terence Creative has paid poignant tribute to the late Brian Chira. Tears streamed down the comedian’s cheeks as he lamented the unexpected death of the abandoned TikToker.

In a video posted to his Instagram page, the comedian can be seen listening to an emotional Kikuyu song while cruising in his opulent vehicle. Short of words, Terence sent his tribute before his cheeks were drenched with tears.

In his caption, the content creator Terence likened Chira’s life with his life as both of them are orphans who were raised by their grandmothers. Terence described the extreme anguish brought on by the TikToker’s untimely death.

“GO WELL CHIRA🙏🙏🙏 am an orphan who got raised by a grandma,this one hit me hard#Ripchira you were loved,” Terence wrote.

Terence Creative mourning Brian Chira. Credits: Terence’s Instagram.

Chira, who met an unexpected end on March 16, will be buried today at his grandmother’s home in Githunguri, Kiambu. Thousands of Kenyans are anticipated to attend the burial to pay their respects to the TikToker.

As previously requested by Chira’s grandmother, the deceased will be buried while donning a graduation gown. According to her, the young man was very brilliant and had a bright future.


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