Otile Brown Fulfills His Promise At Brian Chira’s Send Off Ceremony

Legendary Kenyan musician Otile Brown has made history by honoring his commitment to perform at Brian Chira’s funeral. One of the artist’s ardent followers, the late TikToker adored his songs, particularly the one titled “One Call.”

The musician arrived on stage for his thrilling performance at the event to a warm reception from his fans. Otile paid homage to one of his departed fans by performing “One Call” in a state of profound grief.

As a somber way to remember Chira, the mourners sang along with the musician.

Otile Brown performing at Brian Chira’s send off ceremony. Credits: JTV.

The “Baby Love” hitmaker said last week that he would be willing to perform at the young TikToker’s funeral. Because of the deed, his admirers came to regard him as a unique individual who values the contributions of others to his artistic creation.

“Would love to perform the song at the burial and help make it memorable for him to if that is possible. If possible, to the people attending please learn the lyrics so we sing and celebrate him,” Otile stated.

Otile expressed his sorrow for Chira while appreciating his efforts to gain popularity for his song. Since the TikToker passed away, many have flocked to Otile’s YouTube channel and streaming websites to listen to the song, which has increased the musician’s notoriety.

Chira passed away a week ago following a hit-and-run in the Gacharage area of Kiambu County. At his grandmother’s ground in Githunguri, the TikToker will be laid to rest today.


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