Baba Talisha Reveals Brian Chira’s Burial Dates, The Deceased Set To Don Special Outfit

Renowned TikToker and professional photographer Baba Talisha has provided new information regarding the funeral plans for the late Brian Chira. As requested by his grandmother, Chira is also scheduled to be buried wearing a graduation gown.

Via a video shared on social media, Baba Talisha revealed that the deceased will be laid to rest on March 26. The photographer claims that the funeral committee decided that the TikToker’s body would be available for viewing at the mortuary from approximately 6:00 to 7:00 in the morning. He asked everyone who would like to see the body to do so at the mortuary, as no one will be able to see the body after they leave the morgue.

The burial will take place at Githunguri Kiambu county where Chira’s grandmother hails. Baba Talisha speculates that since the TikToker’s nuclear family does not want to be connected to Chira’s funeral, they might not attend.

According to Baba Talisha, Chira’s grandmother asked that his grandson be buried in a graduation gown because he was an intelligent student. Chira had a bright future ahead of him, as evidenced by his A-grade at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSE).

The widowed father of one revealed that there will be a candle lighting session before the burial dates. The dates, though, will be revealed later so that everyone can get ready for the same.

After being struck by a fast-moving canter in Gacharage, Kiambu county, Chira tragically lost his life. The hit-and-run accident remains under investigation.


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