“My Son Is Innocent”, Jowie Irungu’s Mother Wails After Son’s Death Sentence

Despite the prosecution’s evidence linking Joseph Irungu to Monica Kimani’s murder, Jowie’s mother declared her son’s innocence as she believed he could never commit such a crime.

Speaking with bloggers and the local media, the distraught mother expressed hope for her son’s release, saying that she was confident they would eventually establish his innocence. After her son was imprisoned, she likened his story to that of Joseph in the Bible.

“My son is innocent. He did not commit the crime he’s accused of,” the mother said.

Photo: Jowie Irungu and his family members.

In agreement with his mother, Jowie’s attorney stated that they would file an appeal and present proof of the young man’s innocence. He also voiced his displeasure with Lady Justice Grace Nzioka’s decision. Nevertheless, he pointed out that given the seriousness of the crime and what the law says about it, they anticipated a life sentence.

“We were expecting something close, we are not shocked,” the lawyer claimed.

The attorney went on to criticize the decision, claiming that the high court judge had only made decisions that benefited the public court. This is as a result of increased public awareness of the entire incident since it happened in 2018. Aside from asking for justice, they have also brought attention to the fact that the deceased’s mother suffered a stroke shortly after her daughter was slayed.

Following his conviction for the businesswoman’s murder six years prior, Jowie was given the death penalty on Wednesday. Nonetheless, there have been multiple postponements of this case in the past.


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