Gavi, Seedstars launch INFUSE 2024: a global open call for innovations to foster climate-resilient health systems

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance in partnership with Seedstars has announced INFUSE 2024 a global call for applications for innovations, to bolster health systems against climate threats and enhance immunization delivery.

Innovation for Uptake, Scale, and Equity in Immunisation (INFUSE) is a Gavi-led initiative designed to scale up groundbreaking global health solutions by connecting high-impact, proven innovations where countries need them most.

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This year’s INFUSE initiative underscores the urgency of addressing health challenges exacerbated by climate change, including increased vulnerability to diseases like malaria and the potential for more frequent and severe outbreaks due to extreme weather. 

The program aims to select and scale innovations that contribute to low-carbon and sustainable resilient healthcare systems, enhance frontline health workers’ capacity to manage climate-related health threats and ensure efficient vaccine distribution under challenging climate conditions.

Augustin Flory, Managing Director, of Innovative Partnerships and Development Finance at Gavi said: “The climate crisis has significant implications for vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization programs. INFUSE is a great platform to mobilize the latest innovations in support of the health community to drive adaptive and mitigative actions against climate change.”

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Sheilla Atieno, Seedstars Program Manager Africa, highlighted the importance of this initiative: “Our collaboration with Gavi for INFUSE 2024 is crucial in our fight against the health impacts of climate change. We are calling on innovators globally to come forward with solutions that can make a tangible difference in building climate-resilient health systems.”

The open call for INFUSE 2024 invites applications that demonstrate innovative approaches to tackle challenges faced by Gavi countries and their partners, focusing on climate mitigation and resilience.

The criteria for participation include scalability and potential impact in vulnerable regions, cost-effectiveness with a sustainable financial model, evidence of, or potential for success, adaptability for implementation in diverse environments, especially in low-income countries, and the strength and experience of the team behind the solution.

Innovators and startups across the globe, particularly from lower-income countries, are encouraged to apply for this opportunity.

Selected innovations will be part of the INFUSE community, receiving focused support to scale their solutions globally. 


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