Crown Media: Alikiba Expands Business Territory

While celebrating two decades in the music industry, Tanzanian Bongo star Alikiba has taken a bold step in expanding his business territories. The singer launched a broadcast business that featured a television and radio station.

Alikiba, who became Tanzania’s newest media owner, debuted Crown Media TV and radio over the weekend in a star-studded event. His peers, including singer Harmonize, congratulated the artist on his accomplishment.

Credits: Alikiba’s Instagram.
Credits: Alikiba’s Instagram.

The Tanzanian musician revealed that he was passionate about media from a young age. He related how he could always fall asleep next to his radio, which his father had given him as a gift. The musician recognized that the media had a significant role in the development of his music career, which is why he chose to enter the media industry.

“Media is a very powerful tool. It’s the media that turned me into Today’s Alikiba. I never used to sleep without a radio which I was gutted by my dad,” the artist said.

Since launching his musical career in 1986, Alikiba has become the greatest bongo star in history. With his production of popular songs like “Mahaba” and his support of emerging artists in the community, the singer has gained widespread admiration.


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