Irungu’s Sentencing Moved to Next Week Over Late Filings

Nairobi, Kenya – The eagerly anticipated sentencing of Joseph Irungu, a key figure in the Monica Kimani murder case, has been postponed until the following Wednesday. Justice Grace Nzioka made the decision due to what she deemed as late submission of written mitigating arguments by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Jowie’s family, and legal team.

In her ruling, Justice Nzioka emphasized the importance of ensuring all parties have adequate time to present their cases effectively. Additionally, the postponement allows Irungu’s new legal team sufficient opportunity to respond to the pre-sentencing report and submissions put forth by Monica Kimani’s family.

Irungu’s conviction for the murder, which took place last month, marks a significant development in the case. His co-accused, Jacque Maribe, was acquitted during the judgment on February 9, 2024. The duo had been jointly facing the murder charge since the inception of the trial.

Throughout the proceedings, the prosecution summoned a total of 36 witnesses to testify. Both accused individuals were granted bail set at Sh2 million plus one surety. However, following the judgment, Irungu’s bail was revoked, and he was remanded to the Industrial Area prison.

The decision to delay sentencing underscores the complexities of the case and the necessity for thorough consideration before reaching a verdict. The legal teams involved are working diligently to ensure that all relevant information is properly accounted for in the sentencing process.

Meanwhile, the DPP has taken action following Maribe’s acquittal, filing an appeal against the decision. This move indicates the continued legal battles surrounding the Monica Kimani murder case, which has gripped public attention since its inception.

The postponement of Irungu’s sentencing comes as a temporary pause in the ongoing legal proceedings. It offers a window of opportunity for all parties involved to present their arguments comprehensively and for the court to carefully weigh the evidence before reaching a final decision.

As the case continues to unfold, the public remains attentive to any developments, eager to see justice served in the wake of Monica Kimani’s tragic death. The postponement of the sentencing underscores the gravity of the matter and the importance of ensuring a fair and thorough legal process.


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