“Sina Mimba Ingine,” Mulamwah Calls Off Women Hitting His DM

Comedian and media personality Kendrick Oyando aka Mulamwah has slammed women who have been swarming in his dm requesting his to impregnate them.

The two-time father reprimanded the aforementioned women for texting him, saying he was not ready to father another child. The self-described hustler disclosed that he has been reluctant to post his photos because women will not stop praising him. He added that, on the grounds that they would raise the children independently, the purported women want him to father their children.

The humorous man, who recently welcomed his first child with best friend Ruth K, stated that he is not prepared to become a father again.

“Kijana wa kitale … full time hustler . BTW hua sipendi kujipost sana because nasumbuliwa DM sana na madem ati wanataka mimba . kindly ladies sina mimba ingine,” the Facebook post read in part.

Credits: Mulamwah’s Facebook.

The content creator has fathered two kids, Keilah Oyando and Kalamwah aka Oyando Junior. Nevertheless, Mulamwah’s estranged relationship with his baby mama, Carol Sonnie, has prevented him from being involved in Keilah’s life.


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