Cyber Bullying: Willy Paul’s Hit And Run Case Takes A Twist

New details about musician Willy Paul’s legal saga have emerged. The singer was allegedly arrested for not appearing in court in a case involving him and artist Kevin Bahati’s wife, Diana Marua.

Caroline Giseve, Marua’s attorney, disclosed the primary cause of the artist’s apprehension in an interview with bloggers. Giseve claimed that Pozze repeatedly missed court appearances, forcing the legal team to conduct a raid on his home.

As per the lawyer, Bwana Mkunaji was reported for cyberbullying, which is different from the singer’s prior reasons for arrest. The incident happened in 2021, and an investigation has been conducted. Everything is set for the artist’s arraignment after the police recently finished their investigation.

Nonetheless, the singer was forcibly arrested by the police on Monday due to his nonattendance at the court appearance despite being called. Conversely, Pozze posted a statement on his social media accounts asserting that he was the target of a hit-and-run allegation and that the police were called in to hurt him.

In order to witness the dramatic arrest, the musician invited bloggers and local media outlets to his Syokimau home. He cried out, saying that the police should be held responsible if anything happened and that his life was in danger.

“Ive been told that there are police officers outside my house Syotani Villas waiting for me saying I knocked someone and ran away, they want to kill me!!! The same thing happened last year. If something happens to me you mjue ni watu wamevaa uniform and theyre outside my house right now!!!” Pozze wrote.


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