Senate Summons Nakuru Governor Over War Memorial Hospital Dispute

The Senate Health Committee has taken a decisive step in addressing the prolonged dispute surrounding Nakuru’s War Memorial Hospital by summoning Governor Susan Kihika. This move comes amidst the hospital’s services being paralyzed for the second consecutive month, prompting concerns over the well-being of patients and the integrity of the healthcare system.

With the hospital embroiled in ongoing conflicts between the county administration and the management, the Senate has demanded clarity by calling on all involved parties to present ownership documents. The persistence of these disputes has raised eyebrows, particularly as the hospital management stands accused of disregarding six court orders.

In a recent development, Chief Justice Martha Koome publicly rebuked top county officials for their failure to comply with court directives. Concerns have been raised about the safety of judges handling the case, with reports indicating that they have faced threats.

Nakuru Senator Tabitha Karanja has been at the forefront of addressing the War Memorial Hospital saga and has now escalated the matter to the Senate. Senator Karanja emphasized the urgency of gathering information from all stakeholders involved in the protracted conflict, emphasizing the hospital’s significance in providing critical healthcare services, particularly to dialysis patients.

Senator Karanja expressed dismay over the closure of the hospital, which has resulted in the loss of employment for over 300 workers. She underscored the hospital’s pivotal role in the local healthcare sector and pledged to persist in advocating for its reopening to alleviate the suffering of patients.

Pointing fingers at Governor Kihika and the County Police Commander, Senator Karanja condemned what she described as the deliberate obstruction of the hospital’s operations. She criticized Governor Kihika’s alleged dishonesty in discussions with religious leaders regarding the hospital’s status, attributing its continued closure to the presence of “goons” under the governor’s control.

The Senator warned of dire consequences resulting from the county’s defiance of court orders, emphasizing the detrimental impact on the rule of law and investor confidence. Expressing concern for the frustrations of Nakuru residents, Senator Karanja stressed the need for immediate resolution to alleviate their suffering.

The summoning of Governor Kihika by the Senate Health Committee marks a significant escalation in efforts to address the War Memorial Hospital dispute. As stakeholders await further developments, the spotlight remains firmly on resolving the conflict to ensure the resumption of vital healthcare services for the people of Nakuru.


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