Wanted Fugitive Kevin Kangethe Rearrested in Ngong Ambush

Wanted fugitive Kevin Kangethe was apprehended by a team of 11 officers in Ngong on Tuesday night. The arrest, which took place near the Ngong Police Station minutes past 10 pm, marks a significant breakthrough in the pursuit of justice for the heinous crime Kangethe is accused of committing.

According to an official report obtained by TheAfricanWatch.com, senior officers at the Ngong Police Station acted on a tip-off from vigilant members of the public regarding Kangethe’s whereabouts. Utilizing this crucial information, they swiftly coordinated with law enforcement personnel to set up a strategic ambush that ultimately led to Kangethe’s capture.

The officers, deployed from the Ngong Police Station, strategically positioned themselves in the vicinity of Ngong township, approximately 3 kilometers west of the station, awaiting the arrival of the fugitive. Their vigilance paid off as they successfully apprehended Kevin Kinyanjui Kangethe, who had managed to evade authorities since his escape from Muthaiga Police Station on February 7th, 2024.

Kangethe’s capture brings a sense of relief to law enforcement agencies, as he is slated to face extradition to the United States to stand trial for the murder of his girlfriend, Margaret Mbitu, whose lifeless body was discovered at Logan Airport. Following the alleged commission of the crime, Kangethe fled to Kenya, setting off a transnational pursuit for justice.

The fugitive’s escape from Muthaiga Police Station, reportedly facilitated by an individual posing as his legal representative, had presented a significant challenge to authorities. Despite initial efforts to apprehend him, including a pursuit along Thika Road, Kangethe managed to evade capture, eventually surfacing in Machakos County.

Phone data analysis provided crucial leads in the investigation, narrowing down Kangethe’s location to Machakos County. However, efforts to apprehend him remained unsuccessful until the recent breakthrough in Ngong.

Significantly, Kangethe’s arrest follows closely on the heels of the apprehension of his brother and girlfriend, as well as the individual suspected of aiding in his escape. These developments underscore the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in pursuing justice and holding individuals accountable for their actions.

In the aftermath of Kangethe’s escape from Muthaiga Police Station, disciplinary measures have been taken against four officers implicated in the incident. This underscores the commitment of authorities to address any lapses in security and ensure the integrity of law enforcement procedures.

As Kevin Kangethe awaits transport to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), his apprehension serves as a testament to the relentless pursuit of justice by law enforcement agencies both domestically and internationally. The extradition proceedings are expected to pave the way for Kangethe to face trial in the United States, where he will answer to the grave charges against him.

TheAfricanWatch.com will continue to monitor developments in this case and provide updates as they unfold.


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