What To Understand in Men: Singer Solomon Mkubwa Urges Ladies

Gospel singer Solomon Mkubwa, has had a portion of encouragement to give ladies who are in a love relationship. The singer termed men ‘childish’, saying it’s the bitter truth every lady needs to embrace.

If only ladies could embrace this naked fact, according to the gospel singer, they would be holding a secret weapon to clear the drama of gender-based wrangles that tear apart marriages and relationships.

Speaking while deeply condemning the brutal acts of femicide cases that have recently been the talk of the town; not on social media, not on the actual ground, and not on the bulletins alone, the songwriter suggested that there is more than enough to attribute to femicide cases.

He urged the female gender to understand that men exist possessing three unique characteristics:

“You might not agree with me but women need to know men are born of three attributes. The first is glory, all men are born with the sense of a feeling they are kings so that means when I speak I need to be heard and sometimes not questioned or challenged. When you do, then we might have a problem,” he stated.

Giving an instance of his love circle with his betrothed wife, the “Mfalme wa Amani” hitmaker stated that men also naturally inhibit childish characters.

He explained:

“Men are also born with some element of childishness, I have learnt this in marriage. When I married my wife, I would come home she would hug me, kiss me and we do our thing. But when we had our children, our love kind of faded a little because most of it now went to the child.”

Adding, “This is why if you don’t know God, most men start cheating. In a man’s world, he expects the same way you treat the child, he should be treated the same. He wants the same affection as that given to the child and in most cases that doesn’t happen thus most men will struggle to understand and there will be a problem because now you are competing with your child for the lady’s attention.”

In conclusion, the man of God asked women to understand that the majority of men in most scenarios possess the attribute of cruelty, which he says if not handled properly with their partners, evolve into a calamity which according to him is the reason the majority of women find themselves on the wrong side of their men.

Do you agree with the man of God’s viewpoint?


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