“Daddy’s Girl”, Eric Omondi Gives Daughter A Princess Treatment

Women lead the charge in keeping children clean and well-groomed when it comes to hygiene. But in the present era, men have shown otherwise; Eric Omondi is a prime example. The comedian-turned-philanthropist has won over fans on social media by assisting his baby mama Lynn with their daughter’s cleaning.

In a sweet video that he posted on Instagram, the self-described president of comedy Africa demonstrated his paternal abilities by lovingly bathing his stunning daughter. His gorgeous babe made the process more enjoyable by helping to hand out bath products. He said that because his daughter is a “daddy’s girl,” he is fortunate to be able to care for her.

“Daddy’s girl,” the caption read.

Credits: Eric Omondi’s Instagram.

A few months back, the comedian and his partner decided to share the identity of their daughter with the world three months after she was born. It was not a typical face reveal, though, because a baby product company had to give the couple a substantial payment of Sh. 50 million.

The comedian, who is now an activist, claimed that the distinctiveness of his child’s face precluded its display for free. Because of this, and in light of the current economic climate, he was forced to make a high demand that only a large corporation could satisfy.


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