Manhunt Underway for Murder Suspect Kang’ethe Following Daring Escape

A collaborative effort involving multiple law enforcement agencies has been launched to track down Kelvin Kang’ethe, the prime suspect in the tragic murder of Kenyan nurse Margaret Mbitu at a United States airport last November. Kang’ethe’s audacious escape from Muthaiga Police Station has baffled investigators, prompting a focused search effort spanning Machakos County and the Nairobi Metropolis.

Police sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed to the press on Thursday that Kang’ethe’s mobile phone signals have been traced to Machakos County, narrowing the search to the Nairobi Metropolis area. A specialized team has been assembled to meticulously trace Kang’ethe’s movements, including contacting individuals he may have interacted with within the past 48 hours. Additionally, local residents are being urged to come forward with any information that could aid in pinpointing Kang’ethe’s precise location.

The investigation aims not only to locate Kang’ethe but also to uncover any potential accomplices and determine the circumstances surrounding his escape from police custody. Witnesses have provided crucial details regarding the escape, shedding light on the sequence of events that allowed Kang’ethe to evade capture.

According to eyewitnesses, Kang’ethe was seen fleeing barefoot from the vicinity of Muthaiga Police Station, with two individuals trailing him. One of these pursuers was reportedly in police uniform, while the other was dressed in civilian clothing. Remarkably, despite the presence of law enforcement personnel, no attempt was made to apprehend Kang’ethe, who managed to disappear into traffic with apparent ease.

“It seemed like a joke to us at first,” remarked a vendor who witnessed the incident. “We didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation until later. If we had known, we would have intervened.”

Another witness corroborated the account, noting the absence of any gunfire despite police protocols permitting the use of lethal force to detain a fleeing suspect. Kang’ethe’s escape route allegedly led him towards a nearby forest, further complicating the search effort.

In response to the lapse in security, Nairobi Police boss Adamson Bungei has ordered the immediate arrest of four police officers stationed at Muthaiga Police Station during the escape, along with Kang’ethe’s purported legal representative. The aim is to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding Kang’ethe’s brazen escape and hold those responsible accountable.

The ongoing manhunt underscores the seriousness with which law enforcement agencies are treating the case, recognizing the importance of bringing Kang’ethe to justice for his alleged involvement in the heinous crime. As efforts intensify, authorities remain committed to ensuring that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of justice for Margaret Mbitu and her loved ones.


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