Toxic Baby Mama Drama: Mulamwah And Carol Sonnie On A Draw Score

When it comes to baby mama and baby daddy online feud, Kendrick Oyando aka Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie are always in the frontline. The duo is on it again after Mulamwah started “Toxic Baby Mama” challenge.

Days ago, the comedian cum media personality shared a video as he lamented on toxic traits of his baby mama. He ranted on the struggles he goes through as someone’s baby daddy. Mulamwah addressed the issue of failed co-parenting to their daughter, Keilah Oyando, being told that her father died a year ago.

“Of course am a baby daddy in Kenya, everybody thinks I’m the problem.
Of course I’m a baby daddy in kenya, kila baby mama ananichukia. Aki tafadhali aunty si mimi nilikupatia mimba.
Of course I’m a baby daddy in Kenya, mtoto alishaambiwa na anajua nilikufa last year…” Mulamwah claimed.

However, the media personality indicated that despite engaging in the challenge, it was just for content creation. He asked netizens to refrain from exaggerating the issue.

Credits: Mulamwah’s Instagram.

In response to the challenge, Sonnie continued with the rant. Through her Instagram story, she declared the challenge acceptance as she shared YouTube link to her video. In the video, the actress hit back at the comedian fully accepting the “toxic baby mama ” title.

The content creator confirmed that she had initially told her daughter that his father perished in a train crash. She firmly noted that Mulamwah will continue seeing their daughter only on social media sites since he previously claimed she is not his biological child.

Credits: Carol Sonnie’s Instagram.

In conclusion, Sonnie boldly slammed Mulamwah for always hitting on her using pseudo accounts. She affirmed that she has always blocked him on all her social media accounts and doesn’t plan on contacting him. The actress noted that the comedian does not have any selling content apart from the parenthood drama. The pair’s game continues as they are on half time on a draw score.


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