Akothee Rescues Drowning Future of Anonymous Family

Esther Akoth, better known by her brand name Akothee, has come to rescue a future for a family who had begun the New Year 2024 sinking into a total pool of despair.

The family, which Akothee didn’t disclose finer details about, was in a helpless state after their daughter by the name Sharon could not find the means to enroll in a school to proceed with her journey to a secondary school.

Taking a brief story on her socials on how she met the needy family, Akothee; dubbed the president of single mothers, began her statements:

You may not be aware of the numerous cases I handle off-camera. If you lack the heart to support, please refrain from discouraging others.

She further stated:

Yesterday, Sharon was enrolled at Kanyaserega Secondary School. Her mother approached me requesting 5,000 ksh to purchase uniforms for her daughter to attend day school. Upon observing Sharon, I recognized a brighter future for this girl. Consequently, I asked her mother to bring her to my home along with her belongings and acceptance letter.”

Another posing for a shoot with Sharon. PHOTO|COURTESY

Complying with the directives given, Sharon’s mother humbly stepped into Madam boss’ compound 2-days later where she met her ‘guardian Angel’, Akothee, who decided to not only settle Sharon in Kanyaserega Secondary School but to also employ her mother at Akothee Academy to make sure this family finds an inlet to cater for their daily needs.

Subsequently, I took Sharon shopping and settled her into school. Presently, her mother is employed at Akothee Academy, enabling her to provide for her other siblings. Let’s remember to appreciate the kindness of givers, as takers know no boundaries.” She wrote.

File photo of Akothee admitting Sharon in School. PHOTO|COURTESY

Arguably, fortune struck on the door of Sharon’s family as the ksh. 5000 she went for, eventually sired a full educational sponsorship by the Akothee Foundation.

“Sharon is fully sponsored by Akothee Foundation,” declared Akothee.


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