Blessing Lung’aho Finds New Love Months After Splitting With Jackie Matubia

Actor Blessing Lung’aho, known for his past relationship with fellow actress Jackie Matubia, has left eyebrows raised after pictures and videos of him enjoying beautiful moments with an anonymous lady leaked out.

The video clip displayed Mr Lung’aho in high spirits at Lake Elementaita, as the said stunning lady comfortably sat next to him seemingly enjoying refuge under t

A section of his fans, who have always been aware of Mr. Lung’aho’s single life since splitting with his baby mama Jackie Matubia, sent endless and orderly congratulatory messages to him on potentially finding new love again.

Photo: Blessing Lung’aho Enjoying Moments at Lake Elementaita

However, others still showed discontent with the scenario assuming that the anonymous lady could be a colleague of Mr Lung’aho with whom they’re steaming an online atmosphere for a common project.

In a promotional video for an upcoming event on February 3, Lung’aho directed the camera to capture him, the alleged “bae,” and others by the pool, saying, “Salimiana babe (Say hi, babe).”

Till the moment, it’s still unclear the nature of their relationship with the lady, and this remains a big puzzle that only they could come to solve.

But again, wise men said ‘There’s no smoke without fire.’ The speculations, as much as they still dominate the gossip world, can also mean Mr Lung’aho has bathed clean to attract suitors in the market.


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