Njeri Muigai Drops A Bombshell On Reasons Behind Split With Muigai Wa Njoroge

Njeri Muigai, the first wife to Kikuyu gospel artist Muigai wa Njoroge alias Kigutha, has spilled the beans on the reasons behind her leaving her matrimonial home after over 12 years of marriage. She decided to quit the polygamous union after few years of emotional turmoil.

Speaking in an interview with Kameme FM’s veteran journalist Muthoni Wa Kirumba, Njeri opened up on the marital challenges she has been undergoing since she was married to “Kigutha” hitmaker. She confirmed their divorce after many years of trying to rekindle their love since the man married the second wife. The bitter woman blamed anger claiming that it was the greatest catalyst of their misunderstanding.

Njeri indicated that the previous sweet marriage had turned sour and therefore affecting her health. At one point, she had turned to alcoholism and depression but sought help and came back to her feet. She affirmed that she is not ready to turn back into an addict but rather willing to accept the situation and move on.

However, Njeri acknowledged her ex-husband as a responsible father who have never neglected his fatherly duties. In her opinion, the separation was divine and everything was happening for a reason.

“Everything happening to me is divine. It happens for a reason. Whatever happened, I believe it was divine,” Njeri said.

Njeri disclosed that her former polygamous marriage reminded her of her childhood life. Her father was polygamous and now she was in the same situation. She noted that the childhood experience made her to evade polygamous union at all costs. However, she had no choice when Muigai confirmed to her about marrying a second wife. This caused a lot of emotional damage to her as she could never imagine herself engaging in a polygamous marriage.

Currently, Njeri is leading an association which will be helping women to cope with their separation or marital wrangles. The establishment of the organization was inspired by the rough situation at her ex-husband’s house.


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