Businessman Brutally Murdered at Hardware Shop in Thika

In a shocking turn of events, Ngoliba, Thika East, Kiambu County was marred by the brutal murder of a prominent businessman, Erastus Muturi Wanyoike, 62, on January 18. Wanyoike, the owner of a thriving hardware store along the Thika-Garissa highway, fell victim to a heinous daytime attack that has left the community in shock.

Eyewitnesses recounted a horrifying scene as they saw Wanyoike being forcibly dragged into a waiting car by an assailant. Despite putting up a resistance, the businessman was ruthlessly stabbed in the chest and head before the attacker made a swift escape from the crime scene. Minutes later, the lifeless body of Wanyoike was discovered on the veranda of his hardware store, bearing visible signs of multiple stab wounds on his hands, stomach, and head.

Law enforcement authorities are actively involved in the investigation but have, as of now, failed to make any arrests or determine the motive behind this brutal attack. The search for the assailant is ongoing, with the community anxiously awaiting updates on the progress of the case.

The body of Erastus Muturi Wanyoike has been transferred to General Kago’s mortuary, where it awaits a thorough postmortem examination that may shed light on the circumstances leading to his tragic demise.

In a separate incident in Mlolongo town, Machakos County, another community is grappling with the loss of a valuable member. Joseph Kathiaka, 33, a dedicated mechanic, met a tragic end while working on a trailer at his place of employment. Reports indicate that the cabin of the truck unexpectedly slipped off, pinning Kathiaka’s head against the chassis on a fateful Sunday morning.

Efforts were made to rescue him, and Kathiaka was swiftly rushed to Shalom Hospital. Despite undergoing treatment, he succumbed to his injuries, leaving the community mourning the untimely loss of a skilled mechanic. As in the case of Erastus Muturi Wanyoike, the body of Joseph Kathiaka has been moved to the hospital mortuary, where a postmortem examination will be conducted to ascertain the exact cause of his tragic death.

These two incidents have sent shockwaves through the respective communities, prompting heightened concerns about safety and security. Authorities are urged to expedite their investigations, bring the perpetrators to justice, and provide reassurance to the public that such acts of violence will not go unpunished.

As both Ngoliba and Mlolongo grapple with the aftermath of these tragic events, the larger Kenyan community is left contemplating the broader issues of security and the need for effective measures to prevent such senseless acts from recurring. The ripple effect of these tragedies extends beyond the immediate families and communities involved, serving as a stark reminder of the fragility of life and the importance of a collective effort in ensuring the safety and well-being of all citizens.


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