Tragedy Strikes Ugenya Sub-County as Family Seeks Justice for Alleged Police Involvement in Fatal Incident

In a shocking turn of events in Ugenya Sub-County, Siaya, a family is grappling with grief and demanding justice after a tragic incident involving the alleged run-over of a 36-year-old man, Austine Odhiambo, by a police car.

The unfortunate incident unfolded on December 28 when police officers arrived to execute an auction order. The police claimed that Odhiambo had defaulted on a debt and sought to seize three cows belonging to him. However, what was meant to be a routine procedure took a dark turn as a confrontation ensued between Odhiambo and the law enforcement officers.

Attempting to prevent the police from taking away his property, Odhiambo found himself in a perilous situation. Instead of resolving the matter peacefully, the officers reportedly dragged him aside before a Land Cruiser allegedly ran over him. The gravely injured 36-year-old was rushed to Ukwala Sub-County Hospital, where, tragically, he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The heartbroken father, Boniface Opondo, recounted the devastating moment when he learned about his son’s fate. “When I arrived home, I found my child on a motorbike being rushed to the hospital. I quickly rushed to the house to take some cash since I had no money in my pocket. Upon arriving at Ukwala Hospital, the boy succumbed.”

The grief-stricken family is now questioning the very authorities entrusted to protect citizens. Opondo expressed his dismay, saying, “The police who should be protecting citizens are the ones killing people. Then how do we help ourselves, or how can you help us so that we can get justice.”

Roseline Awino, the deceased mother, added her plea for swift action, urging the police to expedite investigations. “Even up to now, no government officer has come to my home to ask what exactly occurred. From these junior government officers to the senior ones, no one has come. So I am requesting you to come and help me so that he can get his justice.”

Siaya County Police Commander Cleti Kimaiyo responded to the growing concerns, confirming that the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had initiated a thorough inquiry into the matter. “I am assuring you that investigations are going to be made to ascertain how the incident occurred,” Cleti noted. “The DCI is doing its part in regards to the death of that person. So I think at the end of the whole process, the truth will be revealed, and we are not going to hide anything.”

As the community mourns the untimely loss of Austine Odhiambo, the spotlight is now on the investigative process, with the family anxiously awaiting answers and justice. The incident raises broader questions about the use of force by law enforcement and underscores the need for transparency and accountability in such cases.


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