Famous Gospel Singer Denies Poisoning Claims, Reveals Relationship Struggles

Kenya’s one of the most famous gospel singers, Mwana Mtule Alfa has come out to deny poisoning rumors, contradicting his initial claims. The singer, in a clearer explanation, retracted his initial utterance further revealing that he was passing through loads of relationship challenges.

Earlier, the singer informed his fans about the saddening news of his, being hospitalized at Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) where he was receiving medication. It was at this point that he told his fans that someone very close to him had successfully succeeded in skimming out a plan to poison him.

During some exclusive interview with SPM Buzz, the singer, however, turned the pages opposite giving a different tale.

He allegedly attributed his condition to a failed relationship, citing insecurity as a factor that sourced all the problems he counteracted.

“I wasn’t poisoned. I married a single mother and she once posted about me, and her ex saw that. When asked about me, she alleged that I was just a content creator. I would interact with different people, including my fans, and that would make her insecure. She is older than me. At some point, she started stalking me,” revealed Mtule.

Revealing that he had oftentimes assaulted his spouse violently, the man of God regrettably said he was provoked by the false accusations his spouse branded on him.

Photo: Mwana Mtule Alfa (Courtesy)

“I beat her up after she accused me of cheating on her. She apologized, and I came back to the house. I was not poisoned. I ask for forgiveness from Kenyans. It is the woman whom I married and her ex-husband who made me land in the hospital. I was being bullied, and there was pressure, and it ended up piling up. I would beat her, and it is not a bad thing.” He added.

According to him, however, he was pushed to the walls when he realized his spouse had grown addicted to piling up cheating accusations on him. Citing a scenario of being linked to having an affair with his house help, he said he couldn’t withstand his spouse anymore and had to call it over between him and the spouse.

Asking people not to trust fellow humans but God, he revealed openly that he felt very disappointed with her that he couldn’t keep her in his four heart chambers.

“Single mothers are not bad, but some are not truthful. If you are still keeping in touch with your baby daddy, why lie? Put your faith in God and not in people. People will end up disappointing you. My family disappointed me,” he added.

Mwana Mtule is making his first public appearance since Kenyans rallied to raise funds for his medical expenses in December 2023.


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