January; Most Depressing Month. Why?

It has often been the norm from all corners of the world, that the December holidays demand everyone to dig so deeply into their pockets of course to gratify the needs for fun, family, rest etcetera.

Funnily, daylights during such hours, fade to nights way too early and each morning greets us with the jolting realization that the holidays are over and it is time to go back to work. It is at this point that the reality slaps billions of working class and the non-working class worldwide to accept that January has dawned.

A whole universe then, gets too busy trying to find even a penny from their empty pulses. The bitter fact to accept, the majority of the people are left with deflated pockets when it dawns on the “Monday of months”

That feeling is what, in this piece, I refer to as ‘the January depression‘.

Honestly, it has been too difficult to figure out why this feeling has been normalized. It seems millions of people live in denial that after they spend merrily over the December holidays on fun, food, and gifts, January will alight.

Now that it has come, got you frozen out like a shallow well in a very lonely desert, isn’t it too depressing to hear the sounds of your siblings asking for school fees but you can’t provide? Isn’t it too depressing to receive an alert from your bosses asking you to report to jobs yet you haven’t had a penny left for your fare? Isn’t it too depressing to learn that the bills are beginning to arrive?

Photo (Courtesy): Of A depressed man

But still, the solution is here, all you need to do is to accept that the shiny New Year has knocked at the door, and try and fix your budget by going so cheap. It won’t be long enough until you gain your stability.

Change your diet, reduce your expenses, cut down your demands, and pause some needs. Before you realize it, you’ll have enough. Happy New Year


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