3 Flamboyant Kenyan Celebrities Who’ve Boasted About Being Moneyed in 2023

As the sun in 2023 sets, it’s a good time to remember Kenyan celebrities who showed off the huge millions they have in their accounts. 2023 looked to be their year of boasting despite the high cost of living being a topical issue affecting millions of desperate Kenyans. However, this piece selectively highlights a scenario of four Kenyan celebrities who vocally bragged to Kenyans about their assets.

Eric Omondi

Veteran comedian turned activist Eric Omondi has always taken it to public, proudly flaunting cash either in a hotel room or in his house. Earlier this year, the funnyman owned all pride about his money that he attributes to hard work. Living his fan base perplexed, the former student of Churchill in the comedy industry stacked cash on his floor that he revealed to be Ksh. 33 million.
In his clip, Eric held several notes and showed off suitcases with money in them, claiming he had millions.

KRG the Don

You cannot talk about braggers without mentioning budding musician KRG The Don. In the 2023 list of Kenyan celebrities who flaunted about living large, KRG in fact dusted everyone who believes they live larger than him. Referencing to a past exclusive interview with a media house called Mambo Imechemka, the Don was reportedly displayed throwing Ksh. 1 million while partying with friends.


This is the ‘Runda-man’ who can never cease talking about having millions, perhaps he brags about living large even in his dreams. He has not only showed off his house but also his luxurious cars. Despite not having toured his fans through his royal house, Ringtone Apoko has been leading gospel artists in terms of owning pride of wealth.


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