15-Tricks Of Turning Monster-in-law Into A Mother-in-law

When you are married or planning to do so, there is nothing as crucial as building a long lasting relationship between you and your mother-in-law. This aids you in making a strong foundation of your marriage. Most mother-in-laws are very difficult to cope with because both of you are competing for one man’s love and attention (her son). Women tend to go through alot when trying to adjust with a harsh and fussy mother-in-law.The following tips will help you in coping with your mother-in-law:

Never be rude.

Always talk politely to your mother-in-law no matter your mood on that day. Do not just be polite on certain days and on others you are rude. They never forget any abusive or rude words you used on them.

Show your etiquette.

Always show them you know how to say “please” and “thank you”. The more you use these words, the more they see that you are mannered.

Never talk ill of her son.

Even though you feel free when around her, never say anything wrong about her son. She will always protect him since she is his mother. Always say good things about your partner when you are around her.

Study her.

Both of you are always curious to know each other. Get to know her interests and be close to her.

Always compliment her.

They always love to be complimented. If she has just prepared a meal or dressed, compliment the food and her dressing. This makes her to feel appreciated.

Show her you love her even if you don’t.

Even if she is harsh and very discouraging, always show her that you like her. She is your husband’s mother and you must always act friendly even if you cannot tolerate her.

Show confidence.

In case it is your first time to meet her, display your confidence if she tries to intimidate you because some of them are good at that. Show her you are confident in her son too.

Surprise her oftenly.

Occasionally surprise her with gifts when you are either visiting her or even meeting her for the first time. If it is your first meeting, ask your spouse what her mother’s preference is so that you can gift her.

Offer to help.

Always offer assistance in doing chores around the house or maybe in something she is doing. This always shows that you like to be included in everything.

Call her more often.

Do not just expect her to call you, call her once in a while and ask how she is doing. This will always show her that you are concerned about her well being.

Ask for her advice.

You can ask her for marital or any other advice. This will always show her how much you respect her opinions. It makes her to feel valued and needed.

Dress decently.

Always dress smart and decently when visiting your mother-in-law. If you have tattoos, do not expose them.

Never show her how to cook for her son.

When it comes to cooking, do not show her how to cook for her son. Remember she is his mother and she knows him better than you may do.

Always respect your partner.

Whether you are in front of your mother-in-law or at your home, respect your partner. Every mother aspires to see their children been respected and treated right.

Prepare her favorite food.

Once in a while, visit your mother-in-law and prepare her favorite meal. Let her enjoy it to the fullest. She will feel appreciated and this shows that you are concerned.

For a concrete relationship between you and your mother-in-law, consider following the above tips and your marriage life will be better than ever.


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