10-Ways Of Overcoming Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts involve thoughts of feeling or planning to take your life. Anyone can experience suicidal thoughts although it is common to people who are dealing with acute depression. No matter how hopeless you are, there is hope for tomorrow. Below are ways of dealing with suicidal thoughts:

Talk to your loved ones or someone you trust.

Your family and friends can listen to your problems and offer you the much-needed support. Tell them whatever you are experiencing and what’s in your mind. You can also talk to your clergy.

Move to a safer place.

Go to a place where it will be hard for you to continue thinking about taking your life. A public place where everyone can see you is more suitable. You can also go to a friend’s or relative’s place.

Get rid of weapons.

Get rid of anything that you can use to harm yourself. This includes medications, gun, razor blades, knives among others. If you are under medication, allow someone to monitor your dosage in order to avoid overdose.

Avoid alcohol and drug abuse.

Taking alcohol or any other substance abuse can make you to harm yourself since you are under impaired judgement. Some drugs leads to hallucinations and they can worsen your suicidal thoughts.


Do things that make you to relax for example listening to music, watching TV, reading a comedy book among others. Do whatever makes you happy and cools your mind.

Seek professional help.

Seek for help from a therapist and they will help in guidance and counseling. If your depression is severe, they may offer you antidepressants. Therapists offer the best treatment possible.

Avoid isolation.

Stay in touch with your loved ones and do not isolate yourself. Loneliness increases suicidal thoughts since one keeps thinking that they are alone in that problem. You can also ask your trusted ones to keep you company.

Find distractions.

Do the activities that usually makes you happy and you enjoys engaging in. Some of them include hobbies and this can give you a reason to live. Look at your snaps and videos and remind yourself of the great memories you’ve had in your life.

Exercise and eat a balanced diet.

Eating a balanced diet and engaging in physical exercise will help your body to become active and stress free. This will also aid you in developing a positive attitude and better mood.

Try to solve your problem.

It might not be the first time you are experiencing suicidal thoughts. You could have experienced it before and you managed to get over it. Try to remember some of the ways you used to solve the issue and apply it on your situation.


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