Nyako Suffers A Setback,Pleads For Aid

Kenyan TikToker Rose Atieno aka Nyako is known for her philanthropist acts and engaging initiatives where she usually holds numerous fundraising sessions on her TikTok to aid struggling content creators. Currently, the TikToker is on her knees pleading with netizens to help her financially after her account was frozen.

Via a TikTok live session, Nyako lamented her financial constraints after paypal frozen her account following an unidentified lady’s complaints. She revealed her current struggles with bill payments and even feeding her kids.

The vocal German-based TikToker pleaded with cybercitizens to help her out in establishing herself at the moment. She promised to pay back the woman who had caused her accounts to be attacked. Nyako hoped to be back on her feet within no time after settling the scandal.

“Anybody willing to support me, I will place my PayPal account here. I usually help out people when they need my help. It is only me that I will ensure myself. I am good. So my followers, anyone who loves me, I will come back in the evening, and you can support me however you can so that I can pay back Absolute PayPal so that I can be a free person here on TikTok. So that I pay my rent and start looking for contracts so that I can take care of myself. Those who will support will support,” Nyako explained.

Nyako further expressed her disappointment after noting that her PayPal account had negative balance additionally having to pay extra cash to “Absolute” Paypal. This forced the TikToker to retain the rent arrears in which she had planned to settle before the incident.

After the disheartening occasion, Nyako opted to call the bank authorities to enquire on the same. The bank notified her that there was conflict on the money possession as someone had even filed a complaint against her.

However, she ranted on the incident as she indicated that she had no knowledge of whatever offense she had committed to deserve such. In her remarks, she owed PayPal 1,500 Euros equivalent to Sh.249,672.


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