Kenyan Celebrity Couples Who Are Married To Older Spouses

Whenever people decide to tie the knot or date, most of them prefer to have a complete knowledge of the age difference between them and their partners. Some of them don’t put into consideration on the gap between them but rather follow their heart desires.

In the Kenyan community, we’ve witnessed celebrities who have entered into a permanent union with spouses who are older than them. However, the matter doesn’t seem to linger into their minds, as they are happily married. The following are Kenyan celebrities who are married to older spouses:

Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua

Photo courtesy: Kevin Bahati and Diana Marua.

Diana is about six years older than Bahati but the father of five has never cared about the gap.The couple have always received criticism from all over social media but they are used to it. The duo recently celebrated their seventh anniversary, where Bahati showered Marua with a couple of gifts.

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Photo courtesy: Guardian Angel and Esther Musila.

The love birds tied knots rarely two years ago. Guardian is in his early 30s whereas Musila is in her early 50s. Despite rampant criticism from cybercitizens, the two have continued to thrive in their marriage.

John Allan Namu and Sheena Makena.

Photo courtesy: Allan Namu and Sheena Makena.

Namu and Makena met at the Standard Media Group when he was an intern and Makena the editor. Over the years the two became close and even married. Makena is three years older than Namu.

Pastor Pius Muiru and Rev. Lucy Muiru

photo courtesy : Pastor Pius Muiru and Rev. Lucy Muiru.

The religious couple have been married for over 20 years. Lucy is older than Muiru but that has never held them back at any point in their marriage. Pastor Muiru is the sole owner of the famous television channel dubbed Maximum Miracle Center.

Nyota Ndogo and Henning Nielsen

Photo courtesy:Nyota Ndogo and Henning Nielsen.

Nyota Ndogo is married to Henning Nielsen, who is Danish. She is a renowned artist originating from the coastal region. Despite the couple being on and off their marriage, the pair has tried their best to stick together.

Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Anselm Madubuko.

Photo courtesy: Emmy Kosgei and Apostle Madubuko.

Kosgei is a gospel artist who is married to a wealthy man known as Apostle Madubuko. Despite their age difference, the two have been married for long time. At one point, the gorgeous Kalenjin lady revealed that she never thought she could ever be married to an apostle.

Mary kilobi and Francis Atwoli

Photo courtesy: Mary Kilobi and Francis Atwoli.

Kilobi has been married to Francis Atwoli despite their huge age gap. The TV queen has never cared about their age difference as per the say “age is just a number”. Atwoli is the secretary general of Central Organization of Trade Unions( COTU) in Kenya.

DJ Moz and Deborah Kimathi.

Photo courtesy: Dj Moz, Deborah Kimathi and their kids.

The disc jockey is married to a white lady named Deborah Kimathi. Kimathi is few years older than Moz. However, this has never hindered their union as the lovebirds recently celebrated their 13th anniversary.


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