Transformative 360 Degree Woman Festival Continues to Empower Women From All Walks of Life

Kenya’s one of the fast emerging groups, identified as ‘The 360 Degree Woman Festival’ has kept inspiring and empowering women from all walks of life, with their key goal being to celebrate diversity and foster a sense of community and support for women’s strength.

As one of the steps of a thousand mile-walk, that it looks forward to accomplishing, the 360 Degree Woman Festival held the most recent auspicious event on November 11, 2023, at the KALRO Grounds in Nairobi, Waiyaki Way.

Photo: A Group Photo of The 360 Degree Woman Festival

Coupled with a lot of emphasis on topics including; women in leadership, women, and the digital age, among other topics, the meeting left an indelible mark of empowerment, inspiration, and celebration to women who got the privilege to feature in the event.

Led by a group of experienced panel including Patience Nyange, Renee Ngamau, and Naserian Mpeeiya, all of whom shared about their compelling journeys, piercing through scary storms to ascend to leadership, the group urged women not to despair in their journeys to success.

Despite the uncountable infinite hindrances women face along their way to achieving triumphant success, the 360 Degree Woman festival calls out women to exercise unwavering resilience so that can break through any barrier.

Photo (The 360 Degree Woman Festival): Live Event, Celebratory Mood

Taking a twist to explore issues spanning cyber security, cyberbullying, digital footprints, personal branding, and other challenges women encounter online, panelists Ms. Julian Kamau, Njambi Mungai, and Mirriam Karanja unanimously shed light on possible ways to adapt to navigate through the digital landscape.

The group further broke limitations to also address topics of concern in the real-life situation that cuts across dating, and marriage, encouraging women to embrace their unique journeys and live in the present moment.

In what seems to be the immediate impact of the panel discussions held during the event, attendees promisingly looked to grab the opportunities around them, aiming to venture their efforts into supporting and connecting with enterprises in health, cosmetics, hair care, international studies, African apparel, motor vehicle care, and bespoke games.

In conclusion, Ms. Josephine Wanja, the founder of Black Dot Limited and Festival Director, expressed gratitude, stating that the event exceeded her expectations:

“The 360 Degree Woman Festival surpassed our expectations. Witnessing women unite to inspire, support, and have fun in a safe, non-judgmental space was truly heartwarming. These events play a vital role in fostering unity, empowerment, and holistic well-being for every woman.”


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